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Brief declaration rental agreement Model C The lease „Model C for a fixed period, with a diplomatic clause” is for the situation where the tenant and the landlord accept that the lease is temporary, because the intention is that the landlord will occupy the house himself after the agreed tenancy period. This lease must be terminated in time by the owner. With this model, it is possible that the rent will be extended for a specified period, as the landlord as expected to stay elsewhere. To this end, an agreement is reached in Article 3.1. The landlord must then inform the tenant in writing no later than 2 months before the expiry of the tenancy agreement that the tenancy agreement is extended by a period to be chosen by the landlord. It goes without saying that the new period will, as far as possible, be linked to the new appointment that the owner expects to return to the apartment. The tenant then has the right to cancel the rent. It is advisable to send this letter to the tenant on time (and by email and mail) and ask the tenant for their consent. Before sending this letter, it is advisable to consult the tenant. It is possible to repeat such an extension (within certain limits). The houses will be subject to a lease. The agreement defines the conditions agreed by the tenant and the landlord. It defines the amount of rent and whether the lease is for a fixed or indeterminate period.

This implies that your lease in the Netherlands covers the following topics: A lease agreement should not be concluded in writing. A verbal agreement is also valid, but more difficult to prove. You should bring a witness if you want to make an oral agreement. If you opt for a furnished apartment, it will probably be fully furnished. This means that, fortunately, many rental contracts have been specially adapted to the needs of the expatriate and contain an English translation. For an investor with several properties, it is advantageous for a tenant to rent for as long as possible. However, if you are moving abroad for a period of time or if you are travelling for several months, this is not the case. In this case, it is important to know that the lease has been established so that you can return to your own home at the desired time. Home of Orange is at the forefront of regulation, advises you on the contract model best suited to its situation and ensures a fair lease. Brief Declaration Model A Tenancy Agreement With this type of rental agreement, the tenant has complete rental protection. It is possible to agree that the tenant (and/or landlord) cannot cancel the rent for a first period of time.

This has given the landlord certainty about rental income for some time. It cannot be ruled out 100% that, if such an agreement is reached, this tenancy agreement is qualified as a model B tenancy agreement (in this case, the tenant has no rental protection and has the right to terminate the tenancy agreement prematurely, even if the contract is excluded). However, Model A is formulated to minimize this risk. Authorization for the vacancy law is always time-limited and should be extended on time, upon request, by requesting the municipality. If the landlord and tenant wish to extend the tenancy agreement on the basis of the vacancy law until a date after the expiry of the authorization period, the landlord must ask the municipality to renew its licence before the expiry of the tenancy agreement. If the tenant does not do so (on time), the tenant can count on the protection of the tenants.

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